Brexit represents the undoing of the nation

https://www.ft.com/content/fd2b3b9e-f3ec-11e8-ae55-df4bf40f9d0d Brexit ultimately is a blown up and largely manufactured issue that is of minuscule importance when compared to the great issues of our time which are climate change, globalization and automation (AI/Robotization). Britain is almost completely absorbed by Brexit and that is highly detrimental to society’s ability to define itself flexibly and maintain political …

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Europe needs its own defense doctrines and capabilities

If only the Europe that shares values could come to a mutual defense understanding that saw a more thorough coordination of capabilities. Most countries have their own doctrines, their own navies, air forces and army and spend billions on practically superfluous capabilities. But there’s neither sufficient trust nor sufficient doctrinary overlap. The French feel a …

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Trump & the Taliban

The worry the Pentagon had and increasingly has is not over ISIS, it is over that large parts of Afghanistan, like Iraq and Syria already have, will fall into the Iranian sphere. Iran already is strongly present and expanding its influence in all these three countries and is delighted by the US chasing after small …

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