Lousy demographics will not stop China’s rise

The most striking difference between the US and China is illustrated by the case of the disappearing Jack Ma. In the US he would be no more controversial than Zuckerberg or Bezos. For Xi and the party, the economy is a means of control. Freedom of action is allowed up to a ceiling and within strict parameters. This is stifling by design. 

The crisis in Europe and the US seems to be one where people resist change and political structures fail to adjust leading to increasingly reactionary impulses. As always the greatest changes come from technologies that influence narratives. Like how ultimately the printing press lead to printed bibles in local languages and with it, standardization of language, the newspaper lead to nationalism by forging a national narrative. Current technologies are upsetting the fabric of culture in profound ways as well. Russia and China resist this and try to maintain increasingly Orwellian control over the narrative but here too the ultimate victors would be the ones riding the wave and adjusting most rapidly. 

The US seems best placed to prevail simply because its people have the least constrained mindsets and are best able to adjust. The Trump reactionary impulse is still strong but the fight is on and far more public and engaged than in any other culture. The Chinese especially have worse than no public commons to discuss how to respond; it is all up to old unimaginative men with self-serving agendas.