Has America had enough of war?

Global Britain wants the Return of the Empire so just give ’em some aircraft carriers and we can revert to the good old days. Threatening a couple of Breton fishermen French was a good start! 

Seriously though, the US grosso modo is a force for good; the situation today compared to that of a century ago didn’t evolve naturally, it was the result of  defeating fascism, imperialism and communism, of building up institutions and building global democratic legitimacy. Flaws? Certainly, but those who study  history learn from its mistakes and especially in the longer term view spanning centuries the United States is a historically peerless force for good.
The international order is under threat again by illiberal elites from e.g. China and Russia but that only further solidifies the case for a leader of the free world. That Trump hated it sounds like a ringing endorsement. Biden is almost perfect for this age, honed by years of active international engagement and a keen understanding of the players and the stakes. Now is the time to strengthen the foundations of our international institutions rather than seek to turn the whole world woke.