Iran’s bloody repression

European allies now also see the point in canceling the deal. Iran’s behavior at home and in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Gaza was basically greenlighted by the accord.

Iranian IRGC and their proxy forces have killed hundreds in Iraq, have helped kill hundreds of thousands in Syria, have entrenched themselves in the political and social fabric of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and increasingly Gaza meeting all opposition to them with overwhelming violence. 

The Islamic State exists, but it is not a Sunni one. It is the goal of the Iranian revolution to seek the coming of the Mahdi or 13th Imam and establish a global Shi’a Islamic caliphate. The IRGC and especially its Qods (Jerusalem) force are directed to protect the revolution and export it with that end goal in mind. 

Sadly for the revolutionaries the Iranian people are not on board with this ambition and are for the most part deeply upset that billions of dollars worth of their oil income is being spent on naked imperialism, influence  and repression in nearby countries. Sadly for the Iranian people however is that the regime thinks nothing of killing anyone standing in their way anywhere in the world including assassinations of political opponents in Europe.