Brexit/Trump is the Fentanyl of the people

Britain is held hostage by a small band of irrational opportunists few of whom have an agenda that rises above personal ambitions. They are carried forward on a populist wave fed by decades of blatant lies and deceit in newspapers barely worth that label. What value does freedom of the press have when so many papers and media have been subverted by interests hostile to the national one? When Russian operatives and ultra conservative millionaires can buy and connive their way into our national dialogues and subvert them to their short term benefit and our long term detriment? Brexit and Trump are reality soaps. Both have successfully distracted us, buried pressing challenges such as climate change, artificial intelligence, the rise of China and migration. We, including the smartest of us, obsess over the stupidities and irrelevant posturing of people like Trump and May while the world urgently demands our attention and doesn’t get any. Marx said that religion is the opium of the people. Nowadays add this media circus to what is religion, it is our self administered dose of Fentanyl and this long abuse may kill us.