Brexit represents the undoing of the nation

Brexit ultimately is a blown up and largely manufactured issue that is of minuscule importance when compared to the great issues of our time which are climate change, globalization and automation (AI/Robotization). Britain is almost completely absorbed by Brexit and that is highly detrimental to society’s ability to define itself flexibly and maintain political dexterity never mind pay attention to pressing issues that a government needs to tend to. There isn’t a close historical parallel here because of the unique nature of humanity at this time. Narratives no longer are crafted on national platforms guided by national organizations and interests but on international ones such as Facebook and Netflix.

Brexit rather than a retreat to the nation represents the undoing of it as national society fractures into groups and interests that no longer have geographical limits. Brexit in a way then is a consequence and expression of globalization and the loss of what Britain as a word, concept and story, once meant in a sea of opposing discourses, mind-grab and propaganda.