Europe needs its own defense doctrines and capabilities

If only the Europe that shares values could come to a mutual defense understanding that saw a more thorough coordination of capabilities. Most countries have their own doctrines, their own navies, air forces and army and spend billions on practically superfluous capabilities. But there’s neither sufficient trust nor sufficient doctrinary overlap. The French feel a strong responsibility for intervening in Francafrique, something they’re not going to be able to draw other European countries in and for which it needs sizable autonomous capabilities. Italy traditionally is more aligned with Russia and may not ultimately contribute to a force that would need to confront the Russians.

Clearly we need to do more and recognize that if Trump’s withdrawal from globalism becomes sustained US foreign policy, Europe has to step up not so much in spending as in developing doctrines and capabilities to counter the Kremlin in the east and project force towards the south and southeast. But it also means a far more united foreign policy and political union with widespread appreciation of shared values and shared problems. Well… a couple of crises like Trump. Ukraine, refugees and the like certainly have focused minds towards it. Maybe its too little too late.