Misery in the Abendland

We’ve deconstructed the nation state to become like an insurance company and we keep a keen eye on who is capable of contributing and participating versus who is not. And that is important. Today it turns out that some 3 out of 4 Dutch ethnic Turks voted in favor of Erdogan last weekend. This is a consequence of them living in their own bubble and own community insulated from the host culture and society. They watch Turkish TV, bubble in Turkish social media channels, go to Turkish mosques where Turkish Imams preach what the Turkish government dictates. The danger has already surfaced, many Turkish Halevis and Kurds feel afraid especially after the incitement against the Gulenists. Though they are Dutch citizens, they don’t experience freedom of speech and are threatened when they speak out.

The risk is not only from these minorities who aren’t able to seperate their identity from their lineage and are held hostage to the interests of people like Erdogan, it also is from the right where populists ride the fear of it in the polls to victory and government, most recently in Italy, and embrace ideas that grosso modo are fascist.

It’s a little too politically correct and too late now to hold that migrants are welcome, they clearly are not. They lead to immense political polarization which is a threat to our post-war institutions. What’s lacking is a sustained defense of internationalism that takes account of people’s insecurities. It seems to be politically incorrect to say that the nationalists have real arguments. Thanks for saying that.

The center in e.g. Germany and Sweden is wobbling because too many refugees were allowed in while the subject whether or not they were welcome was political taboo. There are non-western nationalist-veering people as well such as Moroccan-born Rotterdam Mayor Aboutaleb who is not afraid to tell people to integrate or leave and who because of their non-western origin are capable of saying the sort of politically incorrect things that others don’t.

The EU and NATO are insurance companies as well, we all pay into their funds and they device strategies for the benefit of all. Their sexlesness used to be a virtue but now is a glaring omission. That we don’t have a supranational narrative, that the nation is the only narrative that people can retreat in, is a monstrous omission. Both the left and right have failed there. Interesting that you’d say the world international, I discussed that earlier, how the left needs a new international, global solidarity versus globalism. The world could have been divided between globalists and internationalists. Now most want to fall back to a sterile force that has no tools to tackle the real issues of our time: climate change, automation, migration and their related issues.

Many millennials and other younger generations already live in a post-nationalist world, hopefully they can prevail and build a narrative. But we must empower them, we can’t stick to our sterile talking points and narratives. I think Netflix can play a role here, this is something Obama also is seeing, Netflix is where the new mythologies are shaped, it’s vital that we give people something positive to believe in again, there’s plenty of great things going on, we just don’t cover them in the the various dominant media.