Macron and some hope for France

In these first weeks Macron comports himself the way a Président de la République should. Appearances count very much because they translate into faith in what he represents. Which is something Trump should learn from.

The notion that his new party could wipe away most of the traditional ones and leave only the Republicans as a contender is so significant; the divide could then become one between a center-left liberal and center-right conservative France. With the socialists, communists and racists relegated to relative obscurity? That may be wishful thinking, between the communists and the socialists, the left in France will still be large. And they certainly will fight convinced that they don’t need any sort of mandate to be right. The Front will continue to lurk.

The left isn’t all that needs to change. The traditional, the outdated cultural France that many pay homage to without living it needs to change as well. France is in fact a highly globalized country. Its economy is global, with many world class companies based in it. Its culture is global, with a huge many cultures finding focus in Paris (it is the world capital of African music). French people love US TV series (of the top 10 series in France, just one is not American, but Italian). The idea that French culture needs legal protection from foreign influence truly radiates lack of faith in it. Rather France should wake up and discover how it already is a factor of significance globally, punching well above its weight and how it is being loved for its unique flavors.

The France we want and need is an assertive, proud France, not just proud of what it was, but of what it is. Willing to speak truth to Putin while respecting and celebrating historical bonds. Willing to shake hands boldly, willing to renew vows to Berlin, willing to provide a mirror to the British government (And please willing to be more welcoming to visitors) Macron will face formidable challenges but the mere idea that there is a willingness in France to pursue this path, especially after the moroseness of Trump and May, is a great relief.

If only Britons had this option.