Do we still believe old oil’s sales pitch?

The FT article “Saudi Aramco chief warns of looming oil shortage” is more interesting for the comments it now attracts than for the content. We’re no longer buying these sales pitches.
Still, we do live in a world were we did buy these pitches for decades and where they mostly were right. Oil is vital to our economy and now we have to trust a new highly disruptive and still unproven new source of energy which is shale. Still with shale picking up in the US, Argentina, China, Russia and many other places and no end in sight for its ability to cut prices by technological innovation, it really is a good bet that over the next decades we’re going to ease into an electric automotive autonomous transport world because climate change is most definitely a greater worry to the Saudi future than shale.
It would be so much easier to listen to the Saudis, Iranians and Russians if they had not put so much of their >$100 profits into fighting each other, invading countries and killing people. It will be an immense relief when locally generated electricity will power most of our economies.