Space, the next business frontier

The ability to reuse the booster may shortly give SpaceX and Blue Origin a highly competitive advantage. And that really is the advantage of having these agile commercial parties compete: they’re not beholden to the fat government pork barrel spending and reducing the cost per launch really is their driving force rather than making sure each member of congress has a suitable amount of jobs.  I’m giving Musk the benefit of the doubt, his ability to very rapidly move through engineering challenges towards a viable product has been proven. This is the advantage of having mastery over agile development and being able to leverage it appropriately to distinct technological fields no matter if its electrical cars, solar panels, reusable rockets, drills, factories or batteries. There is no magic here, just mastery over engineering projects that other companies do not match because their game typically is either too political or too ego-driven.  Bezos is a good competitor but Musk manages to capture the imagination and greater vision far better which expresses itself in his ability to raise funds. A company like Tesla sells much more than just cars and solar energy products, it sells a dream and a future. No matter if you buy into it, it’s working.