The Kremlin finds open doors

What’s startling is the leverage that the Kremlin has over the political processes in our open societies. They’re really not investing all that much in corrupting the political processes, just looking for doors that are already ajar and shoving events in their preferred direction.

Still, these tiny barely visible shoves of the hand of the Kremlin cannot by themselves dislodge faith in western institutions. The Kremlin has a hand in the destabilization of the EU and Eurozone but the primary cause for this destabilization are internal weaknesses and failures of EU and Eurozone. The Kremlin may now be handing levers in US elections but these levers were created by both parties in their partisanism that has eclipsed, adn in Trump’s case, perverted national security interests.

And still yet: will it really benefit Vladimir Putin’s Russia? He is a master of intrigue and of tactics, but there is no grand strategy. Restore Russia to Imperial Greatness, and then what exactly, what does Russia’s Imperial Greatness have to offer the world that must deal with climate change and replacement of labor by robots and automata? Exactly nothing. Putin’s victories are short term and stale. He’s ultimately part of the problem.