Vestager and the evil corporate windmills

We just fall far too easily for the evil corporation myth.
One can be fairly certain that Apple’s lawyers and accountants have structured this most painstakingly and legally in order to survive a challenge such as this. Hence from their perspective it looks like a political assault. Political crap is a label that Cook will have discussed with advisers. If he believes that Apple did nothing wrong, moral indignation is a proper response from a legal and PR perspective.
Vestager has also charged that Google is a monopoly. Whether or not one accepts her argument, she certainly is playing a very high stakes game with the credibility of her office and of EU institutions on the line. This is the office she inherited from Mario Monti and Neelie Kroes who worked hard to take it to this level, but where is she taking it?
I’m afraid that neither charge will stand in court and that Vestager will benefit politically for having taken the fight to the huge corporations. Losing is no disgrace, it is the fight against the evil windmills that many will think marks her character.
If Europeans really sided with Vestager, then how come Apple is the most loved brand in Europe? Why do 90% of Europeans use Google when solid alternatives exist? Why not ask why Europe serially fails to develop a high tech industry like the US has in Silicon Valley and why most European tech talent leaves in order to settle over there?
It does have the stench of political crap. Mind you I am a European and understand the value of the commissioner for competition very well, having applauded it many times in the past. I also am a tech entrepreneur and find conditions for my line of business in Europe lamentable. It’s time we did some introspection rather than strike out in frustration.