Global elites must heed the warning of populist rage

Dear Martin,

The degeneration of public discourse to where a Trump presidency is possible is a profound systemic risk. We have to raise the level of our public debate again. People above all need faith and faith is a continued affirmation of a collective vision. It either is dark, degenerative and Putinesaque, or it is inspirational in an Elon Muks type fashion. Unfortunately we no longer have these great orators who can bring a wall down.

As for your other points, I’d like to suggest that you may want to become an explicit activist and form a platform of ideas that current centrist leaders can draw inspiration from. We need viable political solutions as much as we need a strong positive message against all the fear, hatred and doubt. But growth is not the vision, many feel that mere growth is part of the problem. The growth we need is one of a globalization of mind. Bateson had a key back in the ’70s.

The world has become complex again though hasn’t it. Like the world of the 1930s, people demand monochrome simplicities. Maybe its inevitable. But the cost simply may be too high to think so.