Dearest Robot Mine

When I am old decades hence, a robot may be the ultimate companion. Not just able to read me shakespeare, but render it in the best voices, tuned to my emotional state and my being. Even stage an enaction through what is then the oculus rift. It can in the infinity of whatever spotify is then find the exact piece I want to hear even without me knowing it. It will know far before I do that I am at risk from a disease, and mitigate it. It’ll listen to me with utter patience and full empathy, with an access to whatever the internet is then to reflect me. If I tire of its perfection it will simulate imperfection, or leave me be. It can even connect me to a real human being if that is what I’d want. But is it? The future may even bring a full merger between us and artificial intelligence.

Yes it’s all still a distant future, but we’re building it now and its futile to believe that anything we can do, an artificial intelligence won’t be able to do far, far better. Our life can be reduced or enhanced to being experience only, no need to produce, no need to survive, only to live in the bliss of now. Maybe agent Smith in the matrix was right though, maybe our organisms won’t be able to suffer it.

At any rate, it’s a distant, possible future and meanwhile auto workers in Rennes, France face the closure of their factory because of excess production capacity, at home the bliss of now will be hard to produce.