India thinks it can overtake China.

Yes India may achieve greater economic growth shortly than China, but China is only now landing from three decades of almost 10% average annual growth. We’ve waited for India to reform for the same three decades but nothing came of it, plenty of excuses abound but where’s the investment in infrastructure and education, where’s the land reform? Where’s the fight against the sense of entitlement that the higher classes and castes hold against the poorer ones? Where’s the emancipation of women so vital to economic growth?

China for all its faults is a profoundly egalitarian society compared to India. Decades of ruthless bloody indoctrination have made the inequality of ancient Chinese society a distant memory even though it’s in the living memory of some.

This egalitarianism is what powered China’s rise above all, Chinese citizens feel that success is a virtue arrived by hard work. India is far removed from that mindset, India really thinks it can become wealthy without rejecting its profoundly unequal society to the mother of all reforms, it has thought so for decades, always planning its imminent success.

Of course China is far from being egalitarian, the number of women on the politburo standing committee can be counted with zero hands. But it has come a long, long way since mandarins held sway.