Iran’s failure in Iraq

Rather than try to seek an accommodation with the Sunni, the Iranian regime has sought conflict and has branded itself sectarian by associating with Assad and throwing Hezbollah’s carefully crafted resistance image into the Syrian cauldron. It is emblematic of a power intent on Shi’a supremacy rather than a Persian sphere of influence. If the latter were the game, Iran would have tried to consolidate its power in Iraq by co-opting the Sunni rather than kill them.

Instead, the repression of the Sunni in Iraq by the Iranian-sponsored government worsened. The latter even throw barrel bombs on Sunni cities in Iraq. Sunnis in Syria and Iraq were driven into a sectarian alliance in response to the brutal repression inflicted. With the IS as a result.

Arrogant powers always fall for the same hubristic trap, thinking they can achieve very difficult to achieve objectives, considering their opponents just can’t be as smart and resourceful as they are. Soleimani used to be a smart operator but now he’s been exposed for his hubris and may now have been hung out to dry.

Iran must consider it has achieved all it can in Iraq and Syria. The Sunni majority areas just aren’t going to budge.