GOP, bitter victory?

The GOP’s infighting is far from over. They’ve muted moral issues, muted libertarianism vs conservatism, increasingly muted immigration. What issue aren’t they mute on? The play is all partisan. Now they have a few more months to degrade Barry’s administration and a few more months to fail at unifying behind a proper candidate who actually represents what this caricature of a party stands for. There is no such candidate and the moment a viable one stands up, all the fissures will open up again. It’s hard to see how the Republican primaries aren’t going to be a very damaging affair to the eventual nominee. How hard will it be for superseasoned Hillary to secure the White House? Not very.

Philip Seaton’s verdict on the Democratic party is correct and devastating. The election process rules supreme there too. Everything is about securing power, not about fixing stuff. There is a chance though that Hillary can break the gridlock. She will be the first female president, it is far harder to tar and feather her the way Obama (in many ways justifiably so) was and is sidelined. But I do recall Obama’s 2009 inaugural address when so many felt hope. He had majorities in congress and had so many chances to score. But now almost six years later very few still have that faith, most are bitterly disappointed in this administration and the chances that had been turned into embarassing own goals.

The world needs a functional Washington, the life blood of this planet is trade and that trade is secured by a world order underwitten by Washington. The subsistence of billions depends on it.