EU barometer on the Common agricultural policy is worthless.

According to the OECD, “Public support for farmers in OECD countries costs a family of four on average nearly 1,000 USD per year in higher prices and taxes.”

Strong public support for the CAP? Yes when you frame questions the way they do and ignore the issues…. The EU barometer survey is an EU instrument that polls for EU wide support on EU policies. Its questions are quite slanted to guarantee a positive outcome, otherwise key members (France) would veto the questions. The EU barometer is a political instrument geared in these cases at showing there is support for decisions already taken.

There are well known and very disruptive effects of the CAP; two important ones are:

1) Prices are far higher than need be: $1000 annually per OECD family.
2) Heavily subsidized EU exports disrupt markets of emerging markets especially in Africa

The latter especially is disruptive, it leads to poverty in many countries and to introduction of socially and environmentally destructive agricultural methodology. Instead Europeans try to soothe their souls by sourcing products like coffee, wood and cacao from ‘responsible’ sources which adds yet another layer of deniability, bureaucracy and corruption.
It’s the deniability that counts though…