Cyber attacks plagues Ukraine networks

For companies that are worried: the Russian virus is windows only. Migrate key systems to and make sure you have someone on staff who can properly evaluate risk. Any company that is systemic or wants to be systemic needs to take full heed and diversify away from windows where key systems are concerned. Hedge for it and don’t wait until some digital attack strikes that takes your business down. Got any insurance to cover for such an event?

Ouroubos is a Turla variant, it has been detected allover the western world exclusively on windows systems by anti virus companies. It’s an evolution of software that was used 6 years ago in a large Russian Pentagon breach. It was recently activated from dormant status in various Ukrainian networks much like it remains dormant but could be activated anywhere. Cyber warfare really is the Kremlin’s deniability weapon and while the world is reviling the NSA for spying on people, Edward Snowden fled to a country that uses the same technology as a weapon of sabotage. States are careful with how they leverage this capability today but the territory is largely without established no-go areas nor international protocol.

More info is at this Reuters report:

Interesting background reader on Chinese hacking from 2009: