The Scottish need a holiday

You captured something poetic there Gideon, a bit of a saddening theme.

What the Scots need is a vacation from the union. A few days, two weeks at most, away from the bothersome notion that they share a country with the English. Once it’s over they’ll go back to work and decide it was a fantastic vacation but that reality imposes its own set of conditions. An independent Scotland isn’t in the mix, it doesn’t add up. It’s a pipe dream. Like the desire that visits one when on holidays in Italy: to buy a place there and stay. It seems fantastic until reality arrives and one wistfully drives back home to security. Sadly enough were the Scots to vote for independence they’d not be able to drive back. What about the UK today then really is so terrible? Nothing that independence can address. It is necessary for the Scots to understand that independence is not a solution or answer to anything. It is an echo of a centuries old sentiment that had nothing to do with whether or not Scotland is in the union. Scotland has a national identity inside the union as much as it has one outside.

This is what plagues our EU as a whole, we hold onto our national identity as if it would disappear without being grounded in a political reality. But that is a simplistic picture. Reality is a different animal. In politics we ought to make rational choices. In other things we can indulge in our national or regional identity.