Windows XP replacement.

Here for a bit of a detour from my usual subjects:

At work and at home I have several very capable computers that almost only browse the web and log into remote desktops like citrix. They mostly run Windows XP. They run it well, they do their job just fine, are kept up to date. There is no need to replace these computers with newer ones at all. There is no need to update to a new operating system either, XP works fine. More than fine actually, it is lightweight compared to Windows 7 or 8 which would only slow these computers down.

Microsoft’s justification for ending support for XP is that it is unsafe and not of these times. I am not convinced by the argument, it would be possible to patch the core operating system and issue a new service pack that addresses such issues. I’d even be willing to pay for such an update in order to keep these computers in service. It’s such a waste of money and perfectly good hardware to decommission them solely because XP no longer is supported.

The solution I’m gravitating towards is to replace Windows XP with something called Lubuntu. I’ve installed it on several systems and was surprised by the ease with which I could install it and the speed at which it runs, its a new lease on life for these computers. It  easily outperforms Windows XP. And because it is linux-based, is not vulnerable to Windows viruses. It runs Google’s Chrome browser and runs the Firefox browser. It did really well logging into remote citrix sessions too. So far I haven’t found anything that needed to be done that could not be done. If you’re facing the same quandary, give it a test run.