More pivoting

Israel is in Asia so technically there’s no pivot. But all kidding aside, militarily there is a movement away from western towards eastern Asia. The exit from the west seems genuine but so far I find the pivot east unconvincing. The US needs to more boldly stand up to China’s adventurism. It should give a determined hand to the Philippines and finally extend friendship towards Vietnam in recognition of fundamental shared interests. Finally the US ought to instruct Japan to grow up and face what it did to its neighbours prior to 1945. A Japan that continues to be in denial over its history can’t be empowered to stand up to a China that is just as in denial. History ought not be a populist novel: that’s what was wrong in Europe in 1929: we all believed the other had it coming.

Gideon, I am actually eagerly awaiting your view on Vietnam. It’s ranking 13th most populated country with a population of over 90 million, that’s more people than any European nation except Russia. It may well have a greater distrust of China’s intentions than any other nation on Earth. It’s role in China’s rise will be absolutely pivotal. Time spent on this by most international commenters: zero. Just considering the time and effort that the shadow foreign secretary John McCain took wining and dining the Vietnamese leadership back into normal relations with the US.