Mario Rubio, another Obama?

I hope the US isn’t going to elect yet another junior senator whose only experience is in legislatures. Obama’s failures can largely be attributed to a fundamental lack of executive experience and having yet another ditherer is going to harm the US further. Whatever is wrong with electing people who have proven their temerity, are they nowadays ‘too damaged’? Even in Europe we increasingly like our politicians young and wholly untainted. Versus the jaded power brokers in Moscow and Peking we’re pushing forward a generation of leaders who are out of their league.

Rubio’s main appeal is his ability to lure the Hispanic community away from its democratic base. Fronting as a protector of the disappearing middle class is another strategy that may pay off considering that Obama has presided over a recovery that has only further exacerbated the income gap in the US. So far its all rhetoric though, but Republicans can overtake Democrats on the left on issues such as income inequality by framing it in their typical fashion.