Ukrainian power play is Putin’s loss.

Wholly agree with Gideon. I’ve argued below two other columns that the crowds in the streets of Kiev aren’t so much pro-EU as they are anti-Kremlin and anti-corruption. They don’t so much look to join the EU, they look to cleanse their political system and above all decisively turn away from Moscow’s grasp. For that, association with the EU is the logical way forward. Few Ukrainians are under the impression that EU membership is a thing in their near future and they tend to be aware that the EU isn’t the land of milk and honey, for this their awareness of what happened in Eastern Europe is acute. But they are even more keenly aware of how ruthless Russia is

I also am lead to believe that many Ukrainians, at least those in the streets, very much hope that Russians would wake up like the Ukrainians have to the nature of the Kremlin’s policies and organize their own revolt. But the grasp Putin has over the Russian mind through television is too pervasive and many Russians are unwilling to admit they’ve been mislead again and again and again. Russia is rotting away, this article confirms yet again just how terribly so. Some in the Ukraine wish closer association with their brethren to the north were possible, if only the latter would wake up from their nightmare.

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