Month: December 2013

More pivoting

Israel is in Asia so technically there’s no pivot. But all kidding aside, militarily there is a movement away from western towards eastern Asia. The exit from the west seems genuine but so far I find the pivot east unconvincing. The US needs to more boldly stand up to China’s adventurism. It should give a …

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A German Europe?

Germany is demanding of weaker economies to become more like Germany and the response from the south is “if you give us more money”. The old refrain. If that is the basic nature of this proposal, then we again fail to assess the exact depth and extent of the “heterogeneity” in the Eurozone. That political …

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Mario Rubio, another Obama?

I hope the US isn’t going to elect yet another junior senator whose only experience is in legislatures. Obama’s failures can largely be attributed to a fundamental lack of executive experience and having yet another ditherer is going to harm the US further. Whatever is wrong with electing people who have proven their temerity, are …

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