China & Peter Nolan, response to Martin Wolf.

Dear Martin,

Thanks for bringing Peter Nolan up. He shines a fundamentally sound and multidisciplinary light on China. An interesting someone to have lunch with perhaps? It would be especially interesting to have a current abstract of his most recent thinking about China overall: how about the growth of the middle classes and their spending when they also have so many ageing parents to think of, what about the increasing military posturising and the battle for the soul of China between internationalists and nationalists?

The FT quote about him knowing more about China than anyone else including China is from 2000, 13 years old! Looks like it may still be current. What I also enjoy about him is his use of Marxism, which is much more common amongst social scientists than amongst economists the latter who mostly reject Marx for the latter’s political idealism rather than his analysis.

By the way talking of ‘lunch with’ perhaps it should be ‘tea with the ft’; it rhymes and can be videotaped. The ‘lunch’ always leaves one wanting more.