Apple ios 7: where’s the beef?

Android has 70% market share in Europe, Apple iOS’ 18%. Wow. Samsung accounts for almost 50% of phones sold in Europe.

Does Cook believe that redesigning the interface and adding a couple of tweaks to the OS is going to change that? Do this a few times and the media will stop noticing the hype. Obviously the master has left Apple.

I find it all rather disappointing; “these are not the droids you’re looking for” Kenobi would say or in other words phones and tablets are starting to reach maturity where it matters little which one you pick as long as it does your email and browsing and runs your apps. It’s increasingly a matter of budget and features and with android being the place where the fierce competition is, android phones offers a far wider array of choice.

Apple was right that people don’t want a wide variety of choices, but as the market matures and people appreciate differences in performance and size, they start making choices. Belatedly Apple then releases a small ipad and belatedly it plans to release a budget phone. Afraid of cutting its bottom line by competing with its own cash cows, Apple is surrendering the market to companies that see and grow niches.

Come on Apple wake up.