The stolen revolution, encore.

The revolution was stolen by the brotherhood. The people are taking it back with the help of the ancient regime. Their alliance is a natural one because in the end the divide is between the modernity of the city and the conservatism of the countryside. In that divide the Mubarakists, and the Liberals of the Arab spring have always been on the same side. Like with so many countries that find themselves divided.

So, next elections will likely see a Brotherhood win again, the cities are in revolt. But the countryside is conservative Islamic and will vote whatever the Imam says, and the Imams are Brotherhood. In fact, during the next elections the Brotherhood may need the salafist Nour party to form a majority; it’s unlikely they’ll side with anyone that seeks to dislodge them today.

It’s saddening though the Brotherhood really had the chance to turn things around. But they have failed abysmally in placing their own agenda before what is good for the country. They’re the sans culottes of this ongoing revolution.