Obama is too nice, perhaps?


You let him off the hook far too easily Gideon. John McCain would have made a better President even with his terrible choice for running mate. Why? Obama has devolved the White House into a debate club and Congress into a fight club. The security bureaucracy is stampeding out of control with zero accountability and with belated cover from this Presidency. Everything Bush JR did and McCain would have done was and would be critically analyzed by the press. Instead Obama vastly expanded the ‘short of Pentagon’ secretive programs and many who used to be so critical of Bush kept silent thinking this was after all their hero, let someone else do the sniping.

What overheated critics there were made ridiculous claims about Obama’s pedigree and religion. Realists like myself who favored McCain until he selected Palin, felt Obama lacked critical features that a President ought to have. First amongst these are executive experience, an understanding of where the levers of powers are and what their limits are. 5 years into his Presidency and Obama hasn’t found these yet and he continues to campaign for himself. The ship of state is steering on an autopilot course left in place by 8 years of G.W. Bush.

Or as Philip Seaton has it:
“Obama had great potential for mature, intelligent leadership in the future. By propelling him to the presidency before the fruition of those gifts, the very pundents who are now so disillusioned are to blame for his failures. Unfortunately, they do not pay the price.”