Obama already is a lame duck

Edward, you’re calling a lame duck already?? But I concur. The democrats have a clear demographic lead. Obama should at least make his party’s ascendancy a fixture. Paving the way for taking the house in the midterms and the next Presidency in 2016 may be the only priorities left. Burning issues such as gay marriage and immigration don’t need his explicit involvement, they don’t thrive with a President’s explicit involvement. Internationally Obama has proven to have a great image but an unfortunate hand. He was left an awful hand of cards by his predecessor but 2016 will see at least 16 years of a US failing to lead and failing to smartly exert leverage internationally. There’s no Sun Tzu in this White House.

Obama’s 2008 election excited many and instilled so much hope. The US would become the US again. But much of Obama’s audacity expired after the campaign. The Professor in Chief thrived in debates and arguments. Always right, never decisive. That he won in 2012 can be attributed to Romney’s failure and Obama’s success as a campaigner. It is not attributable to Obama’s success as a President.

So now we’re here and have already written him off. I wish we could reach a more positive conclusion. I wish we had an Obama who suddenly understands the leverage of his office and uses it expertly to sideline the Republicans, the Russians, the Chinese and all the other naysayers and players. An Obama who really is audacious enough to implement the vision that he most certainly has. It is terribly frustrating that he has the great vision but can’t rally the forces required. For this world it is a terrible loss.