French socialists attack ‘selfish’ Merkel

The French socialists are angry and desperate as they’re seeing their mandate evaporate in the polls. So they try this. They might as well have reproduced the swastika and moustache. This is almost as tasteless and vile as what many Greeks did.

Can a French President be deposed? Playing populist politics with the leading alliance within the EU and EZ is playing with fire. We don’t need this in Europe. Why on Earth did they so hate Sarkozy that they voted this incompetent nitwit in?

Obviously the document was leaked and obviously Hollande won’t support its tone. But the damage is already done. Obviously we need less austerity but not until economies like the French one are reformed so that the money borrowed or printed actually leads to growth rather than more entrenchment.

Soon enough now the markets will target France, this sort of behavior is an invitation.