Dong Feng anti carrier missiles

The (DF-21D) missile’s estimated range is 1700km (far beyond Japan, up to Brunei), the maximum claimed range could have it hit a carrier in the Java sea and (from far-western China) the Persian Gulf.

Still, imagine the Chinese would be so bold. Even if the response wouldn’t be crushing, China actually needs the US fleet to secure its access to resources and markets. At attack on a US carrier group would stall China’s growth instantly. Manufacturing would have to be relocated away from China.

How does it make sense? Apparently there is a huge disconnect within the Chinese power structure. Otherwise there’s no explaining why China doesn’t assume the mantle of responsible stakeholder. While it hold these stakes, its behaviour is petty. The insistence to teach children in school that China was humiliated creates a political culture based on righting wrongs internationally. And the jury still is not out on who will win.