The Amazing Erdogan?

Do you think Turkey can juggle this too? Hamas, not recognizing Israel, will consider the gas to be Palestinian. Won’t Hamas think Turkey will buy its gas and pay the “cancerous tumor” and “zionist entity” for it, in effect paying for the oppression of the Palestinians with the latters own natural resources. I can’t fathom Hamas won’t see it that way and I imagine few Palestinians will disagree with them.

Can Erdogan still visit Gaza? Can he still pose as a hero of the resistance? Or is his new scope smaller: Ally with Israel and the Kurds, isolate Turkey from the Arab world?

Where is Turkish thinking going vis a vis Syria or Iran? The Turks aren’t happy with the massive refugee influx and the huge risk of having a long porous border with a, for all intents and purposes, failed state. Very little came of cooperation with Iran. Both initiatives cost Turkey a lot in terms of money and credibility.

Northern Iraq is interesting, apparently its natural gas assets are almost as large as that of Israel. But perhaps the Kurdish regional government isn’t as viable a partner. Still the Turks seem to focus on them and seem to ignore Baghdad. Which is a risky strategy that assumes Baghdad can continue to be ignored.

That’s what makes this all such a weird and yet typical Erdogan deal. He sees an opportunity and just goes for it, trusting his statesmanship to guide the process. Wow again Daniel, you know if he does visit Gaza and does get away with it I’ll eat my shoe. Or wait, I might have to eat my shoe! He may be already seen as such a victor in Gaza that whatever Hamas does won’t tain him. I can’t see him do that but he almost always surprises me. If Erdogan would announce he’s going to send Turkey to the moon in 5 years I’d have to suspend disbelief. He makes stuff happen. Talk about audacity.