New victims for Cyprus to blame?
David Gardener please find your place in the long line of outside people and countries who can be blamed for this island’s infernal troubles.

Please Cypriots take charge of your own affairs and finally now create a government representative of your own interests. Not those of bankers, Greeks, Russians, Germans, local elites or others. Define your own interests. Exposing you to massive debt, questionable depositors and a casino mentality is in the interest only of those who seek to exploit you, and exploited you they have, and exploit you they will. Be politically strong enough to say no to them instead of to people who are willing to help underwrite the billions of debt that exploiters dumped on you.

The blame game is a stupid distraction. It would be wise for the Cypriot parliament to investigate the previous government and arrive at a narrative that does justice to what happened. It is so easy to point fingers to the outside world but has that ever changed anything? Take charge.