Europe and the continent without weapons

Gideon, Europe has slept for so long under the wings of the eagle that too many entirely forgot about history. It’s easier to claim there is a world open to our reasoning and wealth alone. To some, we’ve been such bad boys that the world deserves a chance to sing Kumbaya without us messing things up. Such a pleasant dream.

Eric Kohlmann Kupper makes a good point: there obviously is a need for a joint European expeditionary force that would be capable enough to handle at least a situation like Libya but that would ideally be capable of much more. European nations replicate too many military options. This assumes a level of political agreement and integration we are still far removed from. It is a quandary almost impossible to solve. Still better coordination and integration of military options would help. A shared understanding of the nature of the world around us would help as well. But I think Europe is much closer to that than many assume.