Cameron’s alliance is victorious in Europe

Am curious how Cameron’s new European spirit is being received at the FT. Seeing him forming an overt alliance with the Dutch, Swedes and Danes that has backing from the Germans warmed me to him. It’s what I’d been suggesting for over a year.

I think his closer proximity to Dutch PM Rutte (which we probably can thank Nick Clegg for) made him amenable to what really was a very reasonable indeed profitable  proposition all along.

Cameron took the opportunity, lead a credible coalition and won this round in Europe. That EU spending is being cut is something I had not expected, in fact up until very recently it seemed likely the EU budget would continue to grow. Cameron is now seen by many in the Netherlands as a very welcome European partner.

Congratulations & thank you David Cameron. Hopefully this is the start of something good, a Britain that knows how to create a better balance in Europe.