What’s going on in Venezuela?

What’s going on in Venezuela? It has, according to the Venezuela Violence Observatory, a murder rate of 73 per 100,000 in 2012, up from 67 in 2011. Before Chavez, the rate was less than 11 per. Unlike in countries like Mexico and Colombia, there’s no drug war in Venezuela. But Colombia has a murder rate of 31 and Mexico 23 per 100,000. Imagine that, in drug war torn Mexico, the murder rate is a third of what it is in Venezuela. Even of the most battle weary Mexican states, none has as bad a murder rate as Venezuela. When looking at only the Venezuelan capital Caracas, the murder rate is 200 per 100,000; that is two per thousand annually!

Obviously something went terribly wrong in Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela.

But what is that? Doesn’t this spark the curiosity of any journalist? Almost 22,000 people were murdered in Venezuela in 2012: for each person murdered  in the US, 15 are killed in Venezuela.


In response to http://blogs.ft.com/the-world/2013/01/hugo-chavez-and-el-paiss-mistaken-photo/