Apple’s quest to stay top dog

In response to What to look for in Apple’s results

Less than a year from now Apple must have an entirely new disruptive flagship product. One as disruptive as the ipod, itunes, ipad and iphone were. I don’t see that up the pipeline. Apple’s TV hasn’t materialized and how can it, media companies will be loath to hand the initiative to a new itunes for movies. And Apple no longer is agile enough to be that disruptive. Steve Jobs has passed away and with him the one man ability to steer this company with sufficient agility. Apple may produce competitive iphones and ipads for years to come, but its marigins on those products will naturally decrease significantly.

Microsoft has been milking its monopoly on windows and office for decades, Apple doesn’t have that angle. Tomorrow it faces Samsung, Google and others and tomorrow its share price will reflect that struggle. Apple has massive brand value and may remain a player for years to come but I can’t be positive about its outlook. Where is the next new thing? Where is the additional value? I’ve been an Apple aficionado since the 1990s, but a realist as well. I don’t see how this company can continue to grow without Steve Jobs. I hope they prove me wrong: Apple ought to.